Thursday, June 25, 2015

Time for New Summer Reads!

Summer is officially here! Time to relax, rejuvenate and read! Here are a few books you may want whether you’re headed to the beach, or the backyard.  

Let’s face it, technology is everywhere. The wife of gunned down FBI agent Joe Grant receives a strange voicemail from her husband that later disappears. When Mary digs into her husband’s death ‘she finds herself on the trail of a secret that could transform the world, and the target of a dangerous psychopath.’ (Paraphrased from Barnes & Noble)

This is for my peeps from the Birthplace of Aviation! If you like this kind of story, you may also want to check out American Genius on the National Geographic Channel. They put together a documentary on the heated race for flight between the Wright Brothers and Glenn Curtiss (as well as some other very interesting rivalries).

“In 1903, Wilbur and Orville Wright achieved flight. In his new booktwo-time Pulitzer Prize winner David McCullough explores the lives of these two men from Dayton, Ohio—preacher’s sons who did not attend college, and who were bicycle makers and salesmen prior to their invention of the first powered airplane. He sheds light on the skeptical reaction they received from a general public that did not understand their accomplishments, and takes a look at the contributions of their overlooked sister, Katharine. The truths he uncovers are startling and inspirational.” (Barnes & Noble)

“Evanovich introduced her New York Times best-selling Lizzy and Diesel series with 2010's Wicked Appetite, featuring dazzling Salem, MA, baker Elizabeth Tucker (her cupcakes drive men mad) and the seductive Diesel, first seen in Evanovich's Stephanie Plum books. Here she brings on multi-award-winning writer/producer/novelist Sutton to help. Each tale involves the search for an ancient relic mysteriously linked to one of the seven deadly sins—in this case, greed.” (Library Journal)

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Reading Therapy

There was a recent article in The New Yorker that got me wondering about the benefits of reading. Reading can entertain us, transport us to other worlds, get us react with anger, empathy, feel a range of emotions, and sometimes take action, but can it make us happier? I think a lot depends on the reader and what they're reading.

The author explains 'bibliotherapy' and gives several examples of book prescriptions. There are people who feel strongly enough about book therapy they've made it their career. While the article is lengthy, there is a lot of good stuff to think about as you read it. It gave me a few ideas for literary fiction I may just have to add to my reading list.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Before Summer Reads

It’s still spring, but I like to compile lists of books I want to read before summer vacation. Here are some ideas for the thrill list.

Jack Ryan Jr. meets with his long-time friend, Seth Gregory. Shortly after their meeting, Seth disappears, accused of turning against his country.

“Jack Ryan’s pursuit of the truth will lead him across Iran, through the war-torn Caucasus, and finally deep into territory coveted by the increasingly aggressive Russian Federation. Along the way, Jack is joined by Seth’s primary agent, Ysabel, a enigmatic Iranian woman who seems to be his only clue to Seth’s whereabouts.” (Overview from Barnes & Noble)

Maybe it’s time for a little high-seas adventure. Praise abounds for this one.

“Action and adventure on land and sea—you can’t ask for more. But Robert Kurson raises the ante in Pirate Hunters with an array of mystery and a fleet of colorful characters spanning four centuries. This is a great summer read!”—Michael Connelly

“Kurson’s own enthusiasm, combined with his copious research and an eye for detail, makes for one of the most mind-blowing pirate stories of recent memory, one that even the staunchest landlubber will have a hard time putting down.” Agent: Flip Brophy, Sterling Lord Literistic. (Info. from B&N)

This is book #3 of the Culper Ring thriller series, but anything that heightens the mystique and intrigue surrounding our nation’s highest office is worth a read.

“A severed arm, found buried in the White House Rose Garden. A lethal message with terrible consequences for the Presidency. And a hidden secret in one family's past that will have repercussions for the entire nation” (Excerpt from B&N)

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