Friday, May 13, 2016

Cancelled Shows: Clearing the Slate

The entertainment news got worse the more I read my feed yesterday. In an apparent effort to clean house, ABC and Fox cancelled a number of shows ahead of next week's upfronts (the time the networks reveal upcoming schedules, pilots, renewals, and other good stuff-hopefully). 

I linked to Deadline Hollywood's brief about yesterday's slew of cancellations, so you can read what's cut and a few reactions. 

The biggest, not biggest, surprise seems to be ABC's Castle. But since the original writers left, and maybe even a little before then, it's been circling the drain. While we will miss the fun-loving, and occasionally suspenseful detective show, it's probably time to move on. Besides, our time here would be better spent working. Yes, I said working. I may as well get back to night writing, since I've got a new book coming this year. Plus, it's just not a good time for me and TV right now, I've already canceled several shows from the DVR. Shows that let us down, or went in such strange directions we scratched our heads for a week or two, then dropped them altogether. If it works, maybe I can complete the next Harper and Mackenzie manuscript before the kids are out of school, and Suits comes back on USA this summer. All we ask is the writers don't mess with Mike, Harvey, and the gang too much, mmkay?

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